Go for a long drive to this beautiful cafe- Koba Social

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Punjabi, Continental, Pizza, American, Lebanese, Juices, Beverages, North Indian, Desserts

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Cafes, Flagship Store, Classy, Popular

Bas khali evi jagya joiyye chhe, jya shanti thi besi shakaay.

If “an open-air cafe, away from the humdrums of city where you could go, simply sit back and chill for hours” is your idea of a peaceful weekend, KOBA SOCIAL is your quantum of solace.

The best part- you could go for a long drive to this place! Koba Social is like a gem hidden in the lush green surroundings serving some actually amazing dishes- Woodfired pizzas are a start!

In fact, it would not be an over-the-top claim, if we say that this is one of the most beautiful open-air cafes in or around Ahmedabad.

“Jagya ma e vibes hovi joiyye.” - That is what this place is all about- VIBES

And, as soon as the sun sets, this place turns into a breath-taking sight to behold. This place has different seating areas:

- Got some work to finish? But do not want to miss out on the match? Sit in the high-tables area, and order a coffee. Yes, match is on, too!
- Chilling out with friends, grab the spots in the middle, or in the side-benches!
- There with your special someone, looking for some privacy? Go for the Private tables.

Coming to the foo, here are the dishes that we recommend you to try-
Baked Lasagna
Kofta Sham Shavera
Indonesian Satay
Cardinal Punch
Mexican Tex Mex Tacos

Address: Service lane from Koba Circle towards Kamalam, Old Shamiyana Restaurant, Airport-Gandhinagar Highway, Gandhinagar
Call: 9099901754

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