Go Goa Gone - Blood-y funny Movie Review

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Blood-y funny; blood-y gory … they never thought we can make such movie in India! Babaji ki booti ki kasam!

Remember Delhi Belly and Zombieland? Mix’em, snot it up, get high and Go Goa Gone!

They could have made a straight horror movie but they preferred adding comic to it, thus giving birth to the first ever movie in the genre called ZomCom. The experiment that could have gone haywire like most of such ones, Raj & DK managed striking the PERFECT balance of Fun & horror hence creating a chemical that will surely drive you nuts. No second thoughts. Period.

Kunal Khemu & Vir Das are friends – good for nothing, jobless, loveless, perverts, drug-lovers, frustrated & depressed (not exactly!). Enter Anand Tripathi, yet another friend, the Prince in shining armor to save them from their ‘mundane’ life. Anand is on way to Goa for a reason called ‘Office work’. Kunal & Vir force themselves upon him and get tagged along for even a bigger reason called ‘Parrrrttttyy works better’: Girls, booze, drugs! You have not been to Goa if you have not experienced one of ‘those’ rave parties. And how can you miss if its hosted by the Russian Mafia (Saif Saab). The party got bigger and the guests got higher. Things change overnight and blood-oozing Zombies replace bikini-clad girls & six-pack boys. What are zombies doing in India? Blame it to the globalization. :)

What happens then … is something we wouldn’t tell you. You need to watch it yourself.

We say thumps up to all the actors including all the Zombies. Excellent one-liners, superb coming timing, perfect direction, great story (though senseless, of course) and comically scary (ya, you may get scared at times too). Each actor has own space, own way and own contribution. Twists are mild yet unpredictable and keeps you glued throughout the movie. Background music is apt; at times songs are used as background music. Watch out for the full song – babaji ki booti – played after “The End”.

Rating : 4 / 5 Stars

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