Go of the grid amidst serenity of jungle

Aava mast weather ma farva javu hoi toh kya javai?? 


Isn’t this one of the trending questions when it comes to travel? It’s been 3 years since the pandemic hit us hard and we went into lockdown. But now as things are slowly getting back up, we all just want to go outside and travel. Yes, we all missed that a lot! 


But mast shant jagya hoi, nature ni pase hoi , good food hoi evi jagya par javu hoi toh kya javai??


Is what you might wonder…


To that, here’s a place nestled between two forested hills of Gir National Park and Sanctuary.


Asiatic Lion Lodge


Hidden away from the hustle bustle of tourism activity in and around Sasan, this eco-retreat gives off a true jungle ambience as it is located in the western part of the picturesque Gir Jungle. 


And monsoon being the best season to stay close to nature, this lodge gives you the perfect vibes to spend some quality time with your loved ones.


What can you do here?


Spend time amongst trees, experience the art of Siddi dance, explore different shades of nature, go birding, spot wildlifes and the list goes on & on..


And the best part, it is truly eco-conscious. This resort has been created with naturally and locally found indigenous materials and the meals are organic whenever possible as much of the vegetables come from neighbouring vegetable gardens. 


So, now you know where to go to experience the serene beauty of living amongst lush green farms. 


For reservations call 90990 79965


Asiatic Lion Lodge, Sasan Gir

(A Unit of Terra Ecotourism Pvt. Ltd.)
Gir National Park & Sanctuary
Sasan Gir-Bhalchhel-Haripur Road,
At. Haripur (Gir), Dist. Junagadh


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