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Ban the Pizza, Ban the Sandwich and embrace a fusion food that you never thought existed

Here’s the round of discussion that happened between Team CityShor and Golden Sticks, A word by word account on the unveiling of the secret.

CityShor (CS): So, what’s the menu? Give us your best dishes.

Golden Sticks (GS):  Cheese Chilli Garlic, Sandwich with Double Cheese, Pizza and Gujarati.

CS:  So what’s new. It sounds hopelessly clichéd

GS: Well the pizza doesn’t have a base of flour. The sandwich doesn’t have bread and the Chaat doesn’t have puri’s!!!

CS: Eh. Are you sure? You aren’t from Mars or something. On earth, Pizza has flour, Sandwich has bread and Chaat has puri.

GS: First let you taste it. We will discuss planets later!!

And then came the moment of truth. With the delicacies placed before us, we were awestruck and couldn’t wait to hog.

Traditions have been broken and myths have been shattered. Ahmedabad, embrace yourself for a whole new level of innovation and taste.  CityShor explores “The Golden Sticks’, that’s smooth and easy English translation for good old Gathiya’s.

Situated on the busy, Mansi circle crossroads, Opposite Swaminarayan Mandir, is Golden Sticks. There is nothing much of an ambience in this food joint, but yes the use of bright yellow color in its furniture and walls, is for sure a hint of what you should be expecting. The menu is neat. Glance and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here comes the disclosure, its food with a twist. Let it be the pizza varieties or the Sandwiches, the Chaat or the Kurkure, they are served on a platter of Gathiya. Yup, read again and no we aren’t making it up. If still unsure, pinch yourself and read it again!!!

All their delicacies are dressed upon gathiya sticks. We tried a few of their dishes, and here’s a quick peek into the world of a brand new taste. But we would recommend you to rush and taste it for yourself to believe it.

Cheese Chilli Garlic (melting cheese, garlic and fresh green chilies served on Gathiya sticks)

Sandwich with Double Cheese (Gathiya Sticks with patato, onion and tomato dressed with green chutney and ketchup, topped with cheese)

Pizza – (Gathiya base with Cabbage – Onion – Capsicum topping with melting cheese)

Gujrati – (Gathiya sticks with tomato and onion topped with sev and a variety of khatta meetha spices.)

Now that we have let you in on the secret, don’t keep it to yourself. SHARE THE SECRET with your friends and family. Call them and meet them at Golden Sticks. Let the weekend begin with a bang!!!

See you at Golden Sticks!!!

Address: 11 Balaji Avenue opp Gwalia Sweets, Judges Bungalow Road, Mansi Circle, Ahmedabad

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