Gorge on some scrumptious Burgers at GOMZY'S GRILL

Cuisines: American

Filters: Non Veg

Attributes: Street Food

Indulge yourself with Ahmedabad's newest joint, that brings forth the signature American Burger, in the form of GOMZY'S GRILL.
Placed on the Service Road, opp Rajpath Club, on the S.G. Highway; the Food Wagon serves delicious Burgers, and some lovely Sides, 7 pm onwards for you to gorge onto!

Started some 2 odd weeks back by Gautam (Fondly known as Gomzy), the place tends to get crowded the moment he turns the grill on! Over sizzling chicken breasts, eggs and minced mutton and an endless line of patrons thronging to get their mouths to his scrumptious servings, I could hardly get a chance to ask in depth about their cuts, marination or simply butter him up to rope in a free meal.

The eatery offers a limited yet interesting menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations, of which when it come Non-Veg, we would recommend - The DARK HORSE BURGER, that is loaded with their signature Mutton Patty topped with Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cheese, French Onions, re-enforced by the dense buns that are firm enough to hold the giant of a burger together. Served with chips and coleslaw, it indeed makes for a MUST HAVE for Non-Veg lovers!

On the other hand, 'Eggitarians' can gorge on the VINTAGE Burger, sandwiched with a half fried egg and deep fried Red Onions; While the vegetarians have the ever-so-glorious 'ROAD MASTER' Burger laid out for them, with a home made Veggie patty topped with Cheese, Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, and Carmalized Onions,
Don't be surprised with the unique dish names for, being a biker himself, he has adhered to his first love for the same. In fact, you will also find his INDIAN MOTORCYCLE parked right opposite his wagon.

Apart from that, Gautam is also planning on launching some special options for your indulgence, right from the classic MAC & CHEESE, to MEXICAN QUINOA BURGERS with Black Beans, some Hulk sized Burgers to some Burgers for the Vegans as well!

If by any chance you are driving by S.G. Highway, then do make sure to stop by GOMZY'S GRILL for, you will definitely be glad that you did. Cheers.

Address: GOMZY'S GRILL, Service Road, opp Rajpath Club, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9978609011

Timings: 7 pm onwards

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates on the menu: www.facebook.com/Gomzys-grill-822333017834410

Feature by: Neha Bajaj

Tags: Gorge on some scrumptious Burgers at GOMZY'S GRILL, GOMZY'S GRILL

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