Gorge on some scrumptious delicacies at THE BIG FAT INDIANS

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How often does an over lengthy menu confuse you by it’s absurd names of dishes and explanations? Or were you disappointed by the variety of cuisines the last eatery you visited had on the menu?  When was the last time you assumed a dish to be a delightsome for your klatch but turned out to be a spoilsport? Or where you on a look out for a place to be an acute delectation for you and your family? If you contemplate any of the above mentioned, then we’ve an absolute doting experience to offer: THE BIG FAT INDIANS, at B-301Shilp Aaron Building, Sindhu Bhavan Road, off S.G. Highway. 

To start with, THE BIG FAT INDIANS reposeful seating will be the first thing to mellow you out for a meal, the height of the table matches absolutely fine with the chair, making your hand be at ease while enjoying your meal. An applausive seating then comes with a bud tinkering menu, which gets you a good variety of cuisines to savour and enamour.

Enticing your curiosity, Forthwith, we bring to you some of the best delicacies to savour: While the heat is raging at its peak and nothing on the platter can have its drive without a beverage, so enjoy the mix and match of lichi, lemon, orange and strawberry chunk in CINDERELLA, one of best mocktails the menu has for you. Moreover complement the appetizer with Cottage cheese with crackling spinach, a rectangular fried cottage cheese tossed in hot garlic sauce and served with spinach, indeed a source to stimulate your appetite.

To all the fondue lovers, BIG FAT INDIANS amongst its variety of cuisines has a splendid MAKHNI SURPRISE FONDUE to offer, a makhni gravy served beautifully in a fondue pot with a surprising element of cheese, the fondue is served with masala pao batans, paprika lavash, vegetables and paneer tikka, without giving it a second thought, the fondue tastes as mesmerising as it looks.

Considering the presence of biryani in the ethnic food culture of India, BIG FAT INDIANS has a lovely VEGETABLE BIRYANI on the platter, which is attractively served with curd and the presence of conical tandoori papad salad alleviates the overall enthuse of the meal, the papad cones are assorted with tandoori grilled veg salad, which will altogether make up a healthy meal for you and your family. 

If the platter sounds delicious then the desert will move you off feat to get your hands around the platter; the desert has a wide array of sizzlers but for a change, try the HOT & COLD BROWNIE SIZZLER which will pop you up with the hotness of brownie and coldness of ice-cream riding it. So, if you’re one of those foodophile, who’s not able to find a profound expression of food in the city then BIG FAT INDIANS is emphatically an endowment for you.

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