Gorgeous Corporate Decor by DESIGNER'S CIRCLE

With Ahmedabad emerging as The business hub in present times, corporate firms are showing keen interest in opening up their offices. DESIGNER’S CIRCLE; which has already established its name in the field of residential interior designing, is here to make its mark in the commercial sector.
To inquire, call: 9016620871

Quest to give something innovative and having a  visual experimenting insight is what makes the team at DESIGNER’S CIRCLE a class apart from their competitors.  A very well established name in both residential and corporate design, are once again here to enthrall you for, with their three new high-end corporate office projects done in finesse.

The first piece of work is done for CHHAJED FOODS PVT LTD; wherein The concept behind the interiors is inspired from the Industrial & Vintage style, molded in the Modern Material Palette. The delightful textural interplay of rough walls, white ash wood & hard tile, lustrous black metal is the whole package of concept.
Creating a monochromatic hue of colors takes courage. Shades of gray work very well, along-with the play of various painting and art work. To keep true to the industrial feel along with modern touch; Stone look flooring along with a mix of wooden flooring adds a stunning effect to the space.

Talking about the second one. Well, it is for NEVER NINE, a Mens Wear store in the city; Wherein the the cemented flooring, burnt timber, rugged leather and oxidized aluminum sheet associated with the rhythmic pattern of brick arches - constructed through warm light and vintage treasures gives the desired ambience.
Lighting became an important decorative element. For example, in the main space hung vintage bran pulley lamps above the reception desk and Vintage Spoke Wire Wheel lamp in the corner of the waiting area, whereas wooden bead pendant light are hung above the display tables. The British Flags ottoman and Oxford Senior Sofa depicts western fashion of Men Wear and relate to the origin of Denim.

Lastly the third piece of art, comes in the form of an office for KJWW ENGINEERING PVT LTD, which rightly boasts of a major emphasis on Brick Walls & Modern Interiors - An expression of the rich, historic past of the building and a blend of the past and the present. 
Whenever one needs a touch of texture, unique character and a dab of timeless charm brick wall never fails. The exposed brick wall offers a lovely and vibrant backdrop that lets one showcase a cherished art collection, favorite set of photographs proudly in the workspace. Ash Wooden flooring & elements, Exposed Ceiling combined with Brick Walls has created a smart background such as Modern Mediterranean Style. 

With a strong desire to make every space unique and elegant with their effortless designs; DESIGNER’S CIRCLE is the calling that we have been waiting for. Cheers.

Contact: 9016620871

Website: www.designerscircle.co.in

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/designers.circle.interior.design 

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