Gori Teri Pyar Mein Movie review

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The news is… Imran Khan as always is bad with his acting, Kareena Kapoor has gained weight but is still looking hot, Anupam Kher is not optimally utilized, Shraddha Kapoor looks beautiful, there’s nothing new with the story line but the movie is immensely watchable.

Yes, you are reading it right. In spite of same old and predictable plot, the movie definitely keeps you sit tight in your seat; you won’t realize when you finished your pop-corn especially in the first half.

It’s a cute and simple story with sparkling humor here and there. In fact, the movie is a learning for lot of directors as to how do you treat the same subject but present it pleasantly. There are barely any slack or lazy moments though it has a lot of innumerable flaws but you surely cannot consider this as a shallow or a boring film. Second half obviously may bore lot of people as it has unsuccessfully tried to create that Swades or Lagaan kinda tempo with a romantic angle into it.

If you observe it very closely, you will realize that this is how Punit Malhotra makes his film. In the first half, you see cute little love story and in the second half, you see rags to riches kinda theme. In both the movies, female lead actor had a strong character… with a male lead actor just wasting his time around doing nothing… Remember, ‘I hate luv storys’ – this one is by and large the same… though in a different set up and background.

This is how story goes:

1 guy, 1 gal

Guy is rich, kinda playboy, self obsessed and careless

Gal is social worker, loaded with principals and ethics

Guy and gal got together… kinda fall in love but

Guy makes a mistake, gal gets offended

Guy chases gal to convince her.

Some challenges he faces….

Challenges overcome

And story ends
All in all …. It’s a 3 Shor movie.

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