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Grace Of Monaco, is a work of fiction based on true events is not really a biopic but a collection of few moments in the life of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. The film engages you in bits and parts mainly due to royal performances by Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth, stunning locales of Monaco and superb attention to details of period and royalty.

What takes the film down is sluggish screenplay and the worst kind of story-telling which is highly confused as to what to show on screen, Grace’s disturbed family life or her acting career or the political drama between her husband and France’s Charles de Gaulle.

Grace Kelly, who worked with the most respected directors in Hollywood, decided to get married to royalty, Monaco’s Prince Rennier III. The film shows her sacrifice of acting career for the love for family and her estranged moments in the mansion of Monaco. The larger part of the story shows how she helped her husband in settling the tension he had with France.

It is this part of the film which seems interesting in the second half but after a point, it becomes unbearable. There is not a single point in the film which makes you sit up and pay attention to proceedings. For how long can you admire Nicole Kidman’s beauty and portrayal of Grace Kelly and the stunning visuals?

Let me get it straight, if you can survive through a slow and boring story with really good performances, breathtaking scenery and minutely detailed production; then this film is for you. It is all show without substance!

2 Shor out of 5  

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