Graciella exhibition by Rutu Patel

Attributes: Footwear, Accessories, Flat Bottoms, Jewellery

Graciella exhibition at Status Gallery on 23rd August from 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

The word Graciella symbolizes beauty and substance of today's women. Balanced between finished and raw, the range of collection that Graciella showcases soothes all aesthetic senses. Graciella has something for everyone – for you and for your kiddos, pieces with different designs and colors, mix of cultural and traditional sensibilities and products that can amaze you as well.

At Graciella, they assure you that you won’t find a match of their products anywhere else. So what are they exhibiting? Well, they have a beautiful range of costume jewellery, footwear for grown up girls and for kiddos as well and some of the most exclusive pieces of wrist watches as well.

The sad part about this exhibition is that it’s only for a day and few of their pieces are not available in bulk quantities i.e. if someone else bought it, you can’t get the same piece for yourself. It means you know you should be the first one to visit them and book your favorite product right in the morning itself.

Well, we believe it’s the picture that would excite you for the visit and not the text and thereby we rest our case here. We leave it on to you on whether you can afford being late for this exhibition or not.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

Address: 10 Arsh Complex, Prernatirth Derasar Rd, Nr Ratnakar 2, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Contact details: 09712898283

Tags: Exhibition in Ahmedabad

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