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Because we were left gaping with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor saving earth from the hands of out-of-world goons, individually and then together in Avengers Assemble, we had soaring expectations from the latest presentation of Marvel Cinematic Universe – Guardians of The Galaxy. And boy! It nailed it – in cosmos this time.

The film starts in a swish - with a young lad losing his mom to cancer – and being sucked in by an alien spaceship the very next second. Perfect setting for another mystical legendary hero in the making. By the time the legendary flip of comics and Marvel logo appear, the young lad is now Star Lord, walking through an anarchic deserted planet. In our minds we had already imagined him battling loneliness, identity crisis and hurt – qualities essential for superheroes in the making. BUT… a total awkward moment kicks in when the Star Lord shatters into a self-proclaimed hero, Peter Quill, doing a pelvic thrust to a 70’s number on a Sony Walkman!

As the story unfolds, he’s joined by other unlikely-losers-turned-heroes.. Rocket who hates being reminded he’s a raccoon, a massive jailbreak Drax and green skinned femme fatale Gamore. Vin Diesel lends voice for Groot – a humanoid tree hybrid – but all you hear him say is three words throughout the length of the movie - ‘I am Groot’ ! still somehow managing to steal the show.

As expected, the story has it all… jaw-dropping VFX, spine chilling space scenes, nail biting fights and an almost unbeatable villain (here Ronan) but director James Gunn amazingly delivers all this, packed with crazy untimely humor. The 70’s retro touch, however irrelevant it may seem, adds to the idiosyncrasy of the protagonist.

Just a quick food for thought. These unheroic individuals who turn into Guardians of the Galaxy, do inhabit the same universe as our Avengers. With a little hint towards a common evil warlord Thanos, they’re pretty big chances that are likely to, at some point or another, run into each other. And that would, what we think, make Marvel’s biggest gift to its fandom.

Meanwhile, you’re safe with your money here. we give it 4 shors.


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