Guddu Rangeela: Movie Review

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Guddu Rangeela: Movie Review

Director & Writer: Subhash Kapoor

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy, Aditi Rao


Revenge stories are best to culminate into a film and they are generally a treat to watch. The promising director Subhash Kapoor (Phas gaye Re Obama & Jolly LLB) places his revenge in Haryana on the backdrop of honour-killings scenario and Guddu Rangeela unfolds with a few clichés and faults here n there.

Haryana (Recently seen in NH10, Ishaqzaade or Boss) is the place where Guddu (Amit) and Rangeela (Warsi) are singers in an Orchestra and make their living by ‘selling’ essential wealth-related information to local gangsters or police. The story takes its twists n turns when Gora Bengali (Dibyendu) gives them a kidnapping offer and the girl to be involved it Baby (Aditi). The master-plan is something different and then it becomes a revenge tale with passion (which is missing).


A parallel track till the interval has Ronit Roy as the Khap leader and an MLA. Both these tracks kept me glued till the interval with Ronit Roy towering as the bad guy famous for staging the honour-killings right in front of the crowd.

With all the right elements for revenge cum social-issue film in the place, the film does manage to keep you engaged. But it is the weak writing that provides you clichés, forced love track (too quick) or a speech by Babli addressing too many social issues within 2 minutes!


Guddu Rangeela shows the potential but refuses to go deep into exploring the revenge or the khaap or even the love story; and so doesn’t rise above average.

The film benefits heavily by the menacing bad act by Ronit Roy as he steals the show with every cruel smile, blank looks and gun shots. He might just remind you of Sholay’s Gabbar which goes same for the lead cast. Arshad Warsi and Amit Sadh’s characters can be called modern-day Jai-Veeru, also their performances are decent yet completing each other.


Though Aditi Rao has a strong character here, she seems a bit lost in the crowd. Supporting cast is brilliant where this corrupt cop played by Rajeev Gupta. His Antaakshari scene will stay with you for a long time. Same goes for the scene in which Brijendra Kala and Dibyendu enter the climax scene. But such electrifying scenes are pretty rare in the film.


All in all, Guddu Rangeela fares decently for its engaging plot but falters a lot. I give it 2.5 shor out of 5.

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