Gujarat Handicrafts Ahmedabad

Attributes: Furniture, Cupboard, Sofa & Stool, Storage, Tables

Age old looking wooden furniture with that rustic look and feel of it – oh, man CityShor loved it. We saw some of such pieces at Khazana but this place was full of it – and that’s why it is called a Wood mine. You will hardly find such beautiful pieces in Ahmedabad; even if you find it, it will cost you a world to buy.

Gujarat Handicrafts can help you make your home look like a palace or a heritage place by all its huge and small accessories and furniture. A flying visit to Gujarat Handicrafts is not going to work because it is spread on four floors. Yes, FOUR floors & each floor is as big as a hall. Most of the pieces at Gujarat Handicrafts are made from strong wood like teak which is stronger than what we get in general. You have to have patience to find those master pieces as the place is loaded with lot of stuff.

About Gujarat Handicrafts: What an amazing place!!!! We were astounded when we entered this place. Because when we saw this place while standing outside on the road, we were a little puzzled about how it would be from inside. It does not even impress you from its outer look as it does not have any banner, advertisement or signboard. BUT here comes the surprise, when Salimbhai (the owner) took us inside the building of Gujarat Handicrafts, we were stunned to see the real beauty of this place. We had a real royal feel as soon as the lights were switched on. Yes, the royal feeling. His Grandfather started this ancient business back in early 19th century and the business is still in its full pace and handled by Salimbhai the grandson.

The address is: Gujarat Handicraft, Opp. Aalishan Shopping center and Bank of Baroda, Dani Limda, Ahmedabad – 28.

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