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A few days back when I met with an accident, I took it lightly. I even took it lightly when a family member fell ill & my parents had to travel 1800kms to take care of her and then a couple of days later, a friend met with an accident & broke her legs. My bad days continued with a couple of clients going back on their words leaving me with lesser revenue. Yesterday my eyes got swollen – thanks to some unknown infection. Well, I took it all as a part of ‘ups & downs of life’. I was being optimist.

BUT I GIVE UP TODAY! I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. GUNDAY, the movie, has done something we call ‘the last nail in the coffin’. GOSH! Why did I agree to my Content Head to review this movie? Keyur Desai, I hate you! Can life be more cruel?

If you thought “Himmatwala” was the last ‘bad movie with good cast’, YOU ARE WRONG. Gunday is super pathetic specially because you have high expectation. I mean go check the records of Arjun, Ranveer, Priyanka & Irfaan. Aren’t they supposed to be good? But well, then blame it to the story, screenplay, Director or whoever – it doesn’t matter ‘cos what has gone wrong has gone wrong, not even like my eyes infection ‘cos I am sure I will recover. The movie cannot.

Ok, enough of exaggerated Rona-Dhona-On-My-Bad-Luck. What’s wrong with movie? Well, almost everything. Story, set up with backdrop of colorful 70’s, could have been better if treated well; too many cliché scenes/emotions for no reason; a couple of so called suspense stuff that you can gauge if you have little common sense that is; all action in slow motion including emotions; showing off tuned & tanned bodies & figures (ya, right that’s important may be); at times you may like the dialogues but most of them come across as exaggeration just like my grief.

Bala & Bikram, refugees from Bangladesh, flee to Calcutta at a very young age. They get into the money melting ‘do number ka dhanda’ while making sure they also spend on the development of society (heard of Robin Hoods?), they even have Orphanage & Hospitals in their name. Enter ACP Irfaan who challenges to rip apart their empire. Giving least attention to him, they go ‘do some bizness’ at Club. Enter Priyanka, the cabaret dancer, & they fall for her. Dono? Haa Ji! Some misunderstanding leads to the Great Fall of Friendship. The pathetic saga continues …

Note to the Actors :
Arjun, dude you were really awesome in Ishaqzaade & Aurangazeb. You acted well except that you continued in the same acting design in this movie too. I could have clapped for your consistency if you were acting in the sequels of the same movie but hello, this was supposed to be a different movie & role. Ranveer, buddy if this one-step-down is intentional ‘cos you are looking at taking a bigger leap – I am OK. Priyanka, babes, there is more to acting than just moving your body seductively & making suggestive gestures. Irfaan, looks like you didn’t take your Lunch.

Note to Friends :
You’ve better things to watch than Gunday. Go for Robocop, English/Hindi whatever – its really good. Go watch Birds, if nothing else. Happy Weekend, people!

One Shor for thoda bahot acting, a bit of story, six packs, average music etc

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