Handmade Lamps - Beautiful and Aesthetic!

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It’s not necessary that beautiful art pieces are only found at those luxurious big showrooms. Yes, we felt that today. Just roam around the roads of Ahmedabad and you never know what you end up finding at a corner of the road.

Yes, the name of this suddenly explored place is Tirupati Handicrafts & decorative. Before going inside this tent (with a very okayish yellow board), we once thought “Let’s ignore and continue exploring something better” but something stopped us and we went inside this shop and we were “WOW.” This is it! Good that we didn’t assume about this place.

We saw colourful lamps glittering. Yes, they were very colourful and handmade. The art in this lamps is called mirror work. We have seen those hanging lamps everywhere, but this was something different. They are huge lamps to decorate any corner of your room. The art work is so beautiful and when it’s lit, it just looks wow. The craftsmanship of such artists is hidden.  You don’t really get to know who made this but today we know the hardworking hands behind these colourful lamps.

Well, now you know where such beautiful lamps come from to those lavish big showrooms. Nothing much to say, just have a look at these beautiful photos and visit this small tent. You must be paying Rs.5000 to 6000 for such lamps and here the maximum price is Rs. 3500.

It was surprising but we loved it!

Address: On left hand side before Sola overbridge, Lane Opp Cambay Resort, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad

Time: 10am to 10pm

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