Handmade, Waterproof Paper Jewellery by ANUKUNJ

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Bold, individualistic, eclectic and inspired - That is what defines the handmade jewellery that is laid out by ANUKUNJ! In fact, they tend to be one of the pioneers when it comes to bringing forth beautiful sets of Quilling & Crochet Jewellery; all at 23, Suvas Colony, near Lakhudi Circle, Navrangpura.
To inquire, call: 9638800402

Why should you opt for handmade?
Well, simply because the designer piece says 'you'. When designing, the ones at ANUKUNJ know the structure right from trendy to classic, while also keeping the notions of comfort and style in mind.

What truly sets ANUKUNJ apart is the fact that despite the fact the jewellery is made from paper, it is WATERPROOF. So, without a fuss or a care in the world, you can adorn it just about anywhere and everywhere.
Whether you’re looking for earrings or neckpieces; ANUKUNJ's vast collection is sure to delight. In fact, you can get your set piece thoroughly customized as well as they will frame it as per your colour, size, and style; thoroughly defining you.

Gifting your girlfriend, wife, mother, or even a friend? Choosing any set from ANUKUNJ will indeed be special for, being made with hands, gives us a thorough confidence that each piece is truly unique, and of course beautiful. Cheers.

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