Handpainted goodies by MALEKA SHAH

Cuisines: Bakery

Filters: Vegetarian Only

Attributes: Desserts, Home made

Probably one of the ONLY bakers in Ahmedabad, who makes handpainted Cakes/Cupcakes/Macaroons in Ahmedabad. 
To inquire, call: 9824510567

Call her a multi-talented entrepreneur or a versatile workaholic, Maleka Shah, is a baker who makes handprinted cakes and cupcakes, she owns a style and art of baking not seen so far in Ahmedabad. She is a staunch believer that in this age of digital merchandising and mass production hand paints aim to acknowledge the beauty of crossover between art and patisserie. Thus, she decided to put her uniqueness into career path to make handpainted cakes.

A textile designer by education from Lasalle college of art- Singapore, she beautifully has merged the art of her education which is by and large dealing with the details and her hobby for many years, baking giving birth to unexplored handpainted baking techniques. Maleka, owns no professional experience with learning baking. Despite Adoring versatility, Maleka intricately focuses on developing "flower" themed cakes and cupcakes.

Combining the two fields of her choice each cake and cupcake she explains, is unique on its own which cannot be fully replicated. She expresses that,"it's the little details that take up the space in your heart, appreciating the aesthetics and adding a personalized touch to all the events so meaningful to people". 

She understands that textile designing helps her develop creative motifs and her practiced hobby for many years makes for the uniqueness. Bringing her technicality in place, she explains that there are printers and moulds that bake fondant decorative- not really appreciated by people who eat them, that she replaced with making prints on the cake by herself. "it is like painting, but with edible paints and a lot of pain", she shares. Maleka, takes about 3 hours to paint one cake, which explains her love for baking. 

Her art of handpainted cakes/cupcakes in almost 8 months old and has appealed a niche audience who appreciates intricate art. 
Apart that, Maleka is an extremely creative event manager and owns a brand of handprinted sarees. 

Maleka proves to be a great inspiration and motivation for all the women entreprenuers who believe in working through her passion and love for what they believe in.   

Contact: +91-9824510567

Email: malekashah@hotmail.com

P.S: Maleka's Instagram account will woo you like no one else. Check her out on "Naiarabymaleka"

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