Hangover 3 Movie Review

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In terms of comedy, the first movie was sky booster… crazy, fun night out and the second was actually an hangover of the first movie. The Hangover Part Three is a different breed… gone are the weddings, fun, friendship and probably gone are most of everything that we thought we knew about the series.


Oh man, it is so difficult to keep up the expectations of a sequel. Everytime you go watch a sequel, you start comparing. I, myself, couldn’t resist but kept on comparing. Phillips, the Director, says this is the final installment in the franchise… thank god it is… if he continues to drop the level… this franchisee will anyways die on its own.

Part III delves more into thriller territory, with the comedic aspects still present, but with some killings and dark element into it. I mean it has to be funny all the way – right? What I hated about this movie is my and everyone’s favorite character Alan is not loved by his friend for his “crazinesss’ but is actually shown a mentally ill character.

Dark Knight rises failed, Iron Man did decent… what do you think, how will Wolfpack do?

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