Happy Ending: Movie Review

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Director: Raj & DK
Cast: Saif Ali, Kalki, I’leana, Govinda
Music: Sachin-Jigar
If you have some off-beat kind expectations from Happy Ending, I’d suggest change that and instead expect some really classic comic moments which will make you smile! (not laugh necessarily)
There are two Saifs in the film but it is Govinda who is paisa vasool and completely in-form here! Raj & DK emerge as really cool storytellers who turned a stale script into a fun-ride.
Yudi (Saif) is a once-famous writer who actually has written one book only. As his publisher cancels his contract, Yudi is broke and is forced back to work and what worse work than a wannabe yesteryear Hindi superstar (Govinda) trying to make his mark in Hollywood with a hardcore masala film.
Moving onto the very predictable romantic part in the film, Yudi befriends the very attractive Aanchal Reddy who is similar to Yudi in every aspect. Both are writers and not-so-romantic practical individuals. We all know what’s going to happen at the ending point of this happy film, but we still cherish every moment  which is infused with urbane sophisticated humor.
As already pointed, Govinda is a treat to your funny-bone and I’leana steals all her moments on-screen with her grace and charm. She is so easy for her character that you almost feel like befriending her! Saif is natural and looks good for the part. In a brief role, Kalki is funny and irritating at the same time. Watch her out.
Music by Sachin-Jigar is peppy and fresh with numbers like G Phaad ke, Mileya Mileya and Jaise Mera Tu. This is quite-essentially rom-com soundtrack. Decent job there.
The age-old script does harm your interests but the fresh treatment, practical situations, real characters and picturesque locations make the film a nice one-time-watch.
3.5 Shor for this Happy Ending.

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