Hate Story 2 Movie Review

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Director – Vishal Pandya
Cast – Suvreen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali, Sushant Singh

    Hate Story 2 brings tears to your eyes (literally!!). The only difference is that they do not reflect sympathy for the protagonist but carefree guffaws. I really can’t remember the last time a ‘serious’ film has blown my senses away. As such I don’t mind recommending this amateurish film which is in absolute contrast to its prequel. 

    A politician Mandar Mhatre (Sushant), with all attributes of a UP Bhaiyya other than his Marathi name, is obsessed with his mistress Sonika (Suvreen). She is struggling to cope up with his antics. She meets Akshay (Bhanushali) at her photography class and love blossoms. Both elope only to be caught red handed. You can predict the rest. 

    The director is practically in a hurry to finish the film; wherein a bed scene will rush to ‘the climax’ minus foreplay. The scene changes are such that it takes time to figure out what happened before. The editor was probably drunk when the song ‘Pink Lips’ was ‘inserted’ in the film. Music irritates you, especially when loud background tunes suddenly transform into a romantic singles. 

Sushant Singh is good. Suvreen Chawla is neither good at acting nor at shedding her clothes. Even makeup can’t hide her dork face. Jay Bhanushali still needs to spend more time on the small screen before accepting further film roles. The dialogue delivery reminds you of the 50’s when most actors mugged up their part. 

I am going with one out of five stars for Hate Story 2. That’s purely because it has the ability to tickle your funny bone. Keep your brains outside!! 

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