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While our taste buds have got acquainted with exquisite Live Ice-creams at -301°F, there is a bandwagon of Live Funky Fries and Coolers awaiting you at Shop No.5, Dwarkesh Complex, Besides Bawarchi Restaurant, Navrangpura. Contact- 96646 39308


Of course, you will not be able to resist the live icecreams here, however, how about some live funky fries first? We are ready to bet on the fact that these are the crispiest fries you may have ever tasted! And, adding some amazing coolers / mocktails like Coffee Hazelnut, etc., makes up for a divine experience!


All of them are worth trying out, however, you just cannot afford to miss trying out the ones below-


1) Barbeque Cheese Fries - The blend of Barbeque + Jalapeno sauces on the fries creates a perfect smoky flavour! BBQ sauce Lovers in the House! Go for it!

2) Double Cheese Fries - Cheeese Lovers! Oh wait, who doesn’t love cheese? The chips here are teamed up with Mozarella cheese with

3) Four Cheese Poppers Fries - Cheese Balls with two sauces of your choice! (We tried Jalapeno + Salsa)


Coolers -

1) Spice Peach Cooler - If you’re thinking how it leaves a spicy aftertaste- it is due to ginger!

2) Coffee Hazelnut - One of the best mocktails we have ever tasted!

3) Mojito - A perfect lemonade with soda!


Tip: Try the Combo of Coffee Hazelnut with Barbeque Cheese Fries!


Address-  Shop No.5, Dwarkesh Complex, Besides Bawarchi Restaurant, Navrangpura. Contact- 96646 39308

You can also follow them on FB at : https://www.facebook.com/Minus-301F-202917593560992/

Website- http://www.minus301f.com/

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