Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review

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A narration of a kid’s dream and his pursuit to live those dreams in the face of all odds make up Hawaa Hawaai . a heart warming tale that will stay with you, even when the movie is over.

Amole Gupte proves it yet again that when it comes to creating a story around kids and their aspirations, there is none better then him. Worth mentioning is the acting abilities of Partho Gupte, Amole’s son. It seems that Partho might win a award for his portrayal of Arjun.

From a poor family, Arjun(Par tho Gupte) lost his father and is forced to leave his school and take up a job of a helper at a tea store. Despite of the hardships faced by the family Arjun puts up a brave face amidst all the odds.

On the first day at his tea stall Arjun witnesses a Group of young kids practicing roller skates and he develops a keen interest in the sport. Arjun has made friends with a rag picker, a jari worker, a gajra seller and a car mechanic, all of whom are of his age and have been born and living in poverty all this years.

The friends then pledge to help Arjun live up his passion of skating and they create a pair of roller skates out of junk and aptly naming it ‘Hawaa Hawaai’.

Arjun is now taught skating by a young teacher who himself has been a skating champion. Will Arjun learn and master the art of skating and be able to live his passion.

Amole gupte is brilliant in direction. The script is crisp. As it is with any amole gupte’s movie, there are some scenes which give the audience goose bumps. Amole maintains a fine balance between emotions and fun, between pain and joy, between dreams and reality. The chemistry between Arjun and his four punter friends simply amazing.

This movie is worth every penny. Specially if you have kids, treat them with this beautiful story and see them get inspired. And for those who still young at heart, go and enjoy this movie, possibly you might get a glimpse of yourself….

Our verdict: 3.5 shors

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