Hercules 3D 2014 Movie Review

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Hercules 3D: Movie Review

Formula is simple. Giant guy with huge biceps, some decent visuals, bloodbath, a decent plot with (expected) twists, larger than life fights with lots of thrashing and put this all in 3D format! Hollywood Dabangg is ready!

The plot starts from the legend of Hercules, the son of Zeus and his 12 labours; but this is just a reference for you to understand what the legend says, what the myths and mythology says. The film goes on ranting about heroism and all that crap. 

Hercules here is with a broken past and has lost his family. He and his followers who are referred to as Mercenaries are approached by Lord Cotys’s daughter Ergenia to help them fight the evil warlord Rhesus. With a small army of untrained soldiers, Hercules is supposed to lead them and defeat Rhesus. With some training and inspiring talks (very fake), this army is now ready for war. They do defeat Rhesus. But is he really the real demon? Are these Mercenaries supposed to really fight against Rhesus or is this all a conspiracy which is related to killing of his family? 

Well, the second half provides some really good entertainment as the story unfolds. It is the first half that irritates you with over the top VFX and almost fake animated visuals. Nothing really happens on screen and you are left bothering about ‘yeh interval kab hoga? I need a break’

Dwayne Johnson is no doubt a brilliant choice considering all the legend behind Hercules. He does everything that he is supposed to with conviction. But the supporting cast hardly creates any impact, perhaps they needed more screen presence to create the drama. But since this is a Hollywood Dabangg set in Greece, our hero gets all the footage and he doesn’t disappoint you with almost every frame dedicated to him!

Just bear through a boring first half, buy popcorns in the interval and enjoy the second half filled with good war scenes. 3D effects need a good mention here. They are really good and toned down to make the film a pleasant watch.

Watch this 3D Dabangg for its giant Hero, some thrashing war moments and that’s it. If you are looking for content, you may give it a miss. 
2 Shor out of 5.

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