Here Salad & Ice-creams are made on your tables Cafe Gusto

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Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

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A new place. A new concept. A new experience. Read on to know more about this new cafe in Vastrapur and an entirely new way of dining out! Get ready to dine the GUSTO way!

The Cafe Gusto- remember the name. As, you are bound to go for it!

‘Hey! I’m bored! Can you suggest me, a new place to visit?’

“Yes! The Cafe Gusto”

‘Okay,,, What’s so special about it?’

“For the first time ever in Ahmedabad, there has come up a place that grows its own lettuce (to begin with) inside the cafe!”

‘Really? But how?’ 

“They use this technique called Hydroponics! Wherein, plants & Veggies are grown without soil.”

‘Let me Google, Hydroponics.’ ‘This is cool. But, I really want to try something reaaaaalllly, reaaaalllly, unique to eat!’

“This is not the only thing! This is just the start! It gets even better”

‘Be quick please!’

“They have also come up with a new concept called - ON YOUR TABLES. Your salad, Dessert & Icecream is prepared in front of your eyes. On your tables! That too, based on your choices!”

“And, yes a lot of other such unique dishes!”

‘I am on my way! Can you give me the exact address and contact number?’

Address: The Cafe Gusto, Amrapali Lakeview complex, Opp. Vastrapur lake, Vastrapur
Call: 9512336655

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