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Get in the midst of Mother Nature this weekend and for the weekends to come for, we bring you a wonder of an "abode', wherein you can spend your weekend away from the crowded city life, in the form of Pitched TENTS at Rs 1999 at HERITAGE HILLS!
Placed just on the border of Rajasthan (148 km from Ahmedabad; 23 km from Ratanpur Border, 83 km from Himmatnagar), the one-stop-hub meets the demands of our bodies’ spiritual and physical well being.
To inquire, call 9979700038.

The one-stop-hub, offers a quality leisure time with your family and friends, wherein the Tariff (1999 per tent on weekends Friday onwards, 1499 per tent on weekdays), includes pitched tents and a scenic view that you will remember for years to come.
More so, you can indulge in:
A non-veg meal for Rs 250
A veg meal for Rs 200
A FREE Breakfast
Amongst which, the price is halved for Kids and FREE for the ones below 5 years of age. The best part? You get to gorge on sublime Desi Food, that you surely wouldn't get in the city.

Spread over 54 Viga of land, the place is full of little mountains, lovely, wavy green grass, a small lake and the smell of nature. Late morning you may want to throw yourself in the lake, take a dip and simply laze around for hours. Grab some lunch. Take a nap. Come evening; Take a troll. Relax on some hill top and gaze at the beauty around you. Once the stars pop out, put on a camp-fire, get your barbecue up, play your music out loud, some jokes, some romance, some love and you are blessed.

Just a heads up, you could carry the follow things with you, to make your experience easier:
-Raw Materials for a Barbecue
-Ice Box
-Beverages ;)
-Woolen Clothes
-Portable Music System

So, pack your bags, take your car out on a blissful evening and give yourself a therapeutic treat by hitting the reset button, to rediscover yourself in the arms of nature’s bounty. Cheers.

(P.S. This isn't a luxurious retreat so, brace yourself for the same)

Call: Abhay Agarwal +91-9979700038

Address : Heritage Villa, Bhehana Village, Dungarpur Road, Rajasthan (148 km from Ahmedabad; 23 km from Ratanpur Border, 83 km from Himmatnagar)

Email Id : info@sarvatrainfracon.com
Website : www.sarvatrainfracon.com
Sarvatra Infracon Pvt. Ltd.: www.facebook.com/sarvatrainfra
Total Solutions: www.facebook.com/pages/Total-Solutions/107442169331924

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