Heritage Lounge - Old Dish but Awesome Taste

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Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

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We have always been talking about the most unusual, unexplored or that new restaurant which provides sexy looking dish or that innovative one that we have never heard or tasted. However, that’s for newness, experience and change. But if we go by our history, most times we prefer hitting same old favorite place, trying same old dish that we have loved since years. Yes, Havmor’s, Honest’s and Shambhu’s of the world are always no brainer. Thereby CityShor brings to you this time a café which, though new, is not unusual, nothing extra special in ambience or for that matter menu. However, it just has that right taste that you always long for.
Close to two months old, Heritage Lounge started on a busy cross road of Vastrapur - exactly opposite to Havmor, located on the first floor. The moment you enter the place, you will realize it’s one of those places which has not been decorated just to impress their visitors. The owner has a complete no-nonsense approach and his laser focus is just on food. 

Talking about the experience - Once you are seated, you will be given a cute little basket which has chocolates inside. It’s just a filler – can accompany you till the time you don’t order and get your food. From their decent size menu, we tried Heritage Lounge’s Special Sandwich, Triple Layered Coffee, and Simple Aloo Tikki Burger. Needless to say that we loved it – otherwise we would not have been recommending it – right?

Those who prefer to have a strong taste of coffee should not miss ‘Triple Layered Coffee’ and man you take it with a combo of burger… out of adjectives. Their special sandwich had a filing of Aloo Mutter and Coleslaw – though I am not a big fan of Coleslaw but it was refreshing and had a different taste and my colleague loved it.

So next time you are early for a meeting or for whatsoever reason if you have to wait, or just wanna fill your tummy quickly, don’t forget this new place. Eat, Enjoy and step-out. Its quick, simple and beautiful.

Heritage Lounge, 
Exactly opposite Havmor,

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