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Gear yourselves up for witnessing the most widespread clothing exhibition in Ahmedabad. Comprising of over 150+ fashion exhibitors. HI LIFE EXHIBITION held on the 9th and 10th March at TGB, Ahmedabad is sure to get you into the trendiest thought of recreating yourself! With summer raising the temperature bars at us, there are a lot of exhibitions being held around the city. But HI LIFE exhibition is something different from the rest. Offering a variety of bold styles in summer collections to semi-bridal collections this exhibition has it all in the same place. Having a variety which is unique along with the quality being the best in every way is something this exhibition is sure to surprise you with. Having the classiest spring summer collection will be on spot for all your casual gathering with family and friends. Another unique feature of the exhibitors in HI LIFE is that they even have an array of collections of accessories that will go with all you’re the clothes in your wardrobe. So ladies get ready to be high on energy to shop with all your wit. All the girls who are looking for the latest styles of indo-western and Indian collection you saw in magazines here it is for you all under the same sky! So Ahmedabad get ready to experience the most unique way to exhibition shopping which offers you everything from western wear to footwear all in the same place. Mark your dates for being the most fashion flare filled event for the 9th and 10th of March. Hi Life Exhibition Date: 9th March 2017 & 10th March 2017 Venue: The Grand Bhagwati - Ahmedabad

Tags: Hi LIfe | Fahion, Lifestyle & Haute couture

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