Hi Life Exhibition | A grand fanfare of the best in Fashion.

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The most sought after fashion exhibition with over 150+ fashion exhibitors from around the country, HI LIFE EXHIBITON on 9th March & 10th March 2017 at TGB Ahmedabad, is all set to enchant you with the best of options from Fashion, Style, Home Decor & Luxury.

Exhibitions now a day are like mushrooms during the monsoons. Everywhere and anywhere, there is a fashion exhibition that claims to be breathtaking and showcasing awesome products. And then comes the point wherein we visit them and want to move out of it within a few moments.

Ordinary fashion exhibitions are nothing but a coming together of ordinary products and ordinary experience. They do not have anything that stands out, nothing that lets us experience the wow feeling.

HI LIFE Exhibition on the other hand is what the ordinary fashion and lifestyle exhibitions aspire to be. Hi Life is a celebration of coming together of some of the most sought after and awesome exhibitors showcasing their trendsetting products. Let them be in Fashion, Home Decor & Luxury, Hi Life has multiple options for everyone to satiate their never ending quest for owning some of the finest fashion options available today.

Ahmedabad today is all set to embrace this event and the excitement has already peaked with fashion enthusiast from all walks of life, eagerly awaiting for the door to open on the most trendsetting and unparalleled fashion event of the year! 
So this time, we have let you in on the biggest fashion news of the year so far, next time, we disclose you the pearl gems that adorn this grand event. Until next time, Say Hi to Life, a more Exclusive Hi-Life!

Hi Life Exhibition | 9th March 2017 & 10th March 2017 | The Grand Bhagwati - Ahmedabad

Tags: Hi Life Exhibition | A grand fanfare of the best in Fashion.

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