Hi-Life Lifestyle Exhibition starts tomorrow!

The Year 2018 has begun! And what better way can there be, than beginning by celebrating our love for shopping? Over 150+ designers from across country have gathered together under one roof here at Hi-Life Exhibitions!


The Grand Bhagwati, S.G.Highway | 4th-5th January, 2018 | 10AM to 8PM


Starting tomorrow, brands such as Manik, Aalankrit, Purity, Sunflower, Naisargi, Sharan Argento, DORO, Surekh Gupta, Vidya bags and more from across the country are here with their in vogue fashion collection to woo the shopping lovers of the city!


Over the years, this exhibition has been the medium that has helped in revamping the lifestyles of us Amdavadis! It still does, courtesy to their knack of identifying trends, and always providing the trendsetting collection!


Date- 4th - 5th January, 2018

Venue- The Grand Bhagwati, S.G.Highway.

Time- 10AM to 8PM

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