HIGHBROW TOTS - Unlocking the inborn Genius

Attributes: School & Day Care

"Learning is the greatest gift one can give to a child, to learn always and anywhere."
Tots are curious by nature, and they love to learn; With a simple approach based on fostering their nature - Love for learning, HIGHBROW TOTS channelizes their energy by giving adequate exposure and nurture their curiosity - All at, 15 Rajpath Highway Society, near Rajpath Club, S.G. Highway.

The ones at HIGHBROW TOTS, believe the age 0-6 is the best time to learn, and so they follow the natural process of learning through - 'THE QUAD SEEK METHOD', which is based on the following 4 pillars of education:

More so HIGHBROW TOTS sets itself apart by offering some salient features that rightly boast of:
-Routine health checkups
-Parent teacher workshops
-Child counselling
-Bright & aesthetically designed rooms
-Reading corner, in each classroom
-Acoustic room, for dance and music
-Audio visual aids in each room
-Puppet Corner
-An art corner
-Garden area to use their bubbling energy
-Well equipped play area
-Splash pool
-Kid's gym
 More so, the space is monitored by a CCTV System.

This program ensures that your child will be able to unleash one's infinite potential; Ensuring that they develop a solid educational foundation. The program also helps to build on their physical strength and mobility, which will enhance their learning capability. They can also achieve early reading, and problem solving abilities, with an increase in their social skills as well.

It is important to emphasize that all the activities are undertaken, with the barometers registering 'Zero Pressure' on the child.
With admissions open for their new batches for:
-Mother Toddlers (10 months+)
-Activity Level 1 (18 months+)
-Activity Level 2 (2 years +)
-Nursery (3 years+)
make sure that you visit/call/inquire at your earliest. Cheers.

Address: HIGHBROW TOTS - 15, Rajpath Highway Society, near Rajpath Club, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9712997799

Web: www.highbrow.in

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