Highway Food Court | Open till 2AM

Cuisines: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, Gujarati, Continental, South Indian, Pizza, European, Lebanese, French, Beverages, Burmese, North Indian, Street Food

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Food Court

Away from the city rush, Highway Food Court is the nerving-calming escape that we deserve to go for! | It is open till 2 AM


With a beautiful fountain and a calming setup, they serve 500+ delicacies from over 10+ world cuisines along with delicious desi dishes!


And, World Cuisines like: North Indian, Chinese, Punjabi, Italian, Mexican, South Indian

Mongolian, Lebanese, Thai, Burmese & more!


Moreover, it is open till 2 AM!


Other factors that make it unique:

- Dedicated Kids Play Area

- Ample Parking Space

- An AC Banquet with a capacity of 150+

- A Seating Area of 500+

- Attractive Selfie Zone!


Must trys: Navtar & punjabi samosa, Cheese Franky Dosa, Butter Kutchi Dabeli, Vanilla with Cherry Berry


Address: Opp. Vaishnav Devi Temple, S. G. Highway

Call: 99780 46248 / 99740 99720

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