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Highway: A Road less Travelled!

Highway is not merely a film, nor just a story but as the name suggests it is a journey. A journey of its principle characters and the journey within yourself while experiencing happenings on screen.

In the very second film, Alia Bhatt excels as a genuine but a cute essential city girl (Veera Tripathi). She is kidnapped just four days before her wedding when she is out late night for a drive with her fiancée. This kidnapping allows her to be free from her conventional caged life and it becomes more beautiful as she develops a strange bond with the Haryanvi kidnapper, Mahavir Bhati (Randeep Hooda). Now this Delhi girl doesn’t want to return to home or nor she wants to go where Mahavir wants to take her.
The film does not have characters, they all are real humans and they are genuine innocent people trapped in brutalities of life and have gone far away from their true self. So Highway is a coming of age Indian cinema which not a conventional drama or a typical lovestory. It enriches you with a breezing feeling and an altogether new cinematic experience.

Shot on stunning locales of Haryana, Himachal and Rajsthan, the cinematography is excellent, leaves you spellbound and serene scenery itself becomes a character in the film. The soul lifting music by A R Rahman is another highpoint in this film and take the journey of Highway to an altogether different level. Brownie points for the music!

Hero of Highway is no doubt Alia Bhatt who is in terrific form here, what a performance! She is full of energy and adds up to the freshness of the visuals every time she appears on screen. She is a clear winner here. Randeep Hooda, this guy is a powerhouse which is highly under-utilised. He puts in efforts for getting that right Haryanvi accent and comes off with a very strong act as Mahavir who is a contract killer cum kidnapper. His best performances till date.

Talking about direction, Imtiaz Ali has again given us something to think and relish upon. His films always talk about people who are very common, very and are trying to break off from something that is trapping them. Highway is an another excellent expression and thought about freedom by this talented director.

To sum up everything, Highway is a road very less travelled in Indian Cinema, go for it! You will come out of dark hoping to get kidnapped!

4 Shor out of 5.

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