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With over 47 variants of tea, coffee or just that soothing cold beverage at Honey hut, you will be treated to a unique blend of flavour and innovation with the added advantage of health benefits.

Honey Hut on Prahlad Nagar is the newest and the sweetest entrant amongst some of the most unique cafes in ahmedabad. For the first time in Ahmedabad, comes a Concept Café. A café that is as unique as its name, Honey Hut ensures that you are treated with some of the finest food experience and that you leave not only satisfied but a bit healthier.

The unique and truly amazing thing about honey hut is in the innovative use of honey in all its food items. Let it be bakery, confectioneries, quick bite or that amazing range of hot and cold beverages. But then that’s not all. It’s worth more and much more. Today we take you inside the tempting and the soothing range of hot and cold beverages at Honey Hut.

So if you are a tea or a coffee connoisseur then it’s a must that you visit honey hut. At honey hut you will find a wide range or should we say the widest range of unique tea’s

When it comes to tea, it jumps up a notch above the rest. Not your normal tea, no. Herbal, black or tulsi this are just some of the most appealing flavours of tea menu. Cinnamon, Cardamom or the traditional Kahwa are the super stars here. When added with honey, the flavour takes a different turn, and for the better. The symphony of the taste of pure honey and the variants of tea’s procured from the best tea estates around, is worth every sip.

Let it be your traditional latte, mocha or that cappuccino, at honey hut you are treated to a different flavour of the traditional coffee. If it’s the heat bothering you, indulge into some of the most exciting range of soothies and cold beverages here.

Honey hut, is unlike a traditional café or a food joint. It’s a complete concept joint and the very first at Ahmedabad. It’s just not about food or beverages here, also on display are the range of Honey Hut lifestyle products that can enrich your day to day life. Here, life’s is just not beautiful it’s healthy even.

So all you folks out there, if you have a taste for honey and if you want to try something absolutely unique and innovative, the buzz is at Honey Hut.

BEE happy, BEE Sweet.

Address | Honey Hut – Ground floor, Krishna Towers. Opposite Sachin Towers, Anand Nagar. | Contact - 079-40091768

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