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Probably, the only concept food joint in Ahmedabad, “Honey Hut” is opening tomorrow. We discovered “Honey Hut”. Located at Prahlad Nagar, opposite Sachin tower, this one brand is one of its kinds. Why? To hint you, everything here is about Honey. Sandwiches or Coffee’s, Coolers or Desserts, everything has Honey to it.

So what’s great about honey? Well to be honest, we too didn’t know about its greatness till we visited this one concept joint. Apart from the countless health benefits we didn’t know that it could have been used as a delicious alternative to sugar. Adding that perfect amount of honey can transform a food item or that beverage into something that’s differently flavoured and healthier.

 “Honey Hut” is a concept food joint. Having spread in seven other cities of India, this is their first venture into Ahmedabad. What does it have different? Well, to begin with it has honey, honey, honey and more honey or so to say it’s all about honey.  As a concept food joint Honey Hut serves quick bites, bakery products, tea & coffee and wide array of health and beauty products.

That’s precisely the reason we call it a concept food joint. Their USP, all the food items served here are prepared without sugar.  All they use is pure honey. Let it be their Masala Idli or that chocolate brownie, Chilli potatoes or green apple fizz, everything is served here with that essential and distinct flavour of Honey.

Just so that you don’t get bored while waiting for food, they have this range of products that they display and sell. From Honey Nuts (high on health benefits) to honey shampoo, Honey infused anti ageing cream, Herbal body wash, products here have that distinct appeal to them. It’s all natural and nothing out here is procured from outside vendors. All this products are produced under the brand Honey Hut.

So tomorrow, let the goodness and sweetness of honey guide you into a world which is unadulterated, pure and full of life, a healthy life.

Address | Honey Hut – Ground floor, Krishna Towers. Opposite Sachin Towers, Anand Nagar. | Contact - 079-40091768

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