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TODAY is the day for your kids to participate in games, puppet show, photobooth, tattoos, nail colors & what not at the FREE DISNEY CARNIVAL at Shanti's Hopskotch Navrangpura between 5 pm - 8 pm at Shantam Bunglow, Behind Amazo Restaurant, Xavier's College Crossing, Navrangpura.
At this one of a kind carnival, your kids (1-12 year olds) can participate in an array of a games, witness a puppet show, get their pictures clicked at a photobooth, show off some cool tattoos, get their nails coloured and also experience the joy of sitting in a toy train. Apart from this 3 hour event, on a regular basis at Hopskotch Navrangpura, they offer an array of programmes for your kid to be part of, helping them mould & grow.
What sets Hopskotch apart from other playgroups is that they give the option of giving the freedom of space to the kids. From the wonders of an Aqua Zone to the mysteries of a Jungle Safari to an Art Zone, Transportation zone, Play zone, Sand zone, Nature zone as well as an Animal Zone, your kids can be a part of something which they might have never experienced before and that too in an extremely safe atmosphere. With padded flooring on all their surfaces and utmost care of trained instructors, you need not worry one bit about their safety.
With admissions open for their 2015-2016 batches, do enquire about at the same when you pay them a visit at the DISNEY CARNIVAL. Cheers.
Timing: 5 pm to 8 pm
Address: Shantam Bunglow, Behind Amazo Restaurant, Xavier's College Crossing, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-9825024147
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