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Have you ever visited a place and instantly felt calm and composed? Varietea is positively one of those places in Ahmedabad! It will give you a truly spectacular experience of exotic teas and soul-filling atmosphere. 

Situated in the restful corner of the ever buzzing Prahaladhnagar, Varietea will change your stance on our regular and monotonous cup of “chai”.  As soon as you breeze into the café, you will feel homely and warm. The first thing you will notice will be several enormous sized sofas situated in snug corners with dim lighting, which will instantly make you want to order a cup of aromatic tea and just spend the rest of the hours tucked away from the hustle of the real world. 

Talking about the food and beverages, they indeed will satisfy your appetite for decadent and hearty food. All the dishes in the menu are a thoughtful balance of wholesomeness and taste. Teas are fresh, and by fresh, we mean so fresh that they are brought to you straight from their tea plantations in Assam! They also infuse their teas with some novel flavours and create concoctions like rose tea, jasmine tea, and many more. 

But don’t worry, for true Ahmedavadis and their sincere love for Masala chai or Cha, they also have a range of teas like adarak chai, elaichi chai and so on. And for the genuine tea devotees, there is also an option for infusions. 

Our quest at Varietea began with TABASCO PIZZA- Crispy base spread with authentic tomato sauce coated with melted mozzarella, sliced tomato and green/yellow and red bell peppers. Up next was CAPRESE PANINI: between two slices of crusty bread, was a generous amount of cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes and a distinctive layer of pesto sauce. Thirdly, we ordered a VEGAN BAGEL: a rather new concept to Ahmedabad, bagel is essentially a ring-shaped bread, cut in half and eaten like a sandwich. Our bagel at Varietea consisted hummus and lettuce in it, a truly refreshing sandwich indeed. Lastly, we went for a JALAPENO AND CHEESE PASTA: Pasta tossed in creamy Alfredo sauce and spicy jalapeno and it was simply finger licking!

For Beverages, we had ordered a ROSE GREENTEA: I’m not an avid lover of rose flavour, but this green tea really changed my mindset! It has a subtle flavour of rose with a velvety mouth feel.  Next, we tried KACHI KERI ICED TEA- Just one of their unique teas, this tea is super uplifting and flavourful, with its bright green colour. We doubt it would go unnoticed. Finally, we went for a GREEN TEA MOJITO: a real thirst quenching beverage! We would advise this mojito to any person who needs a rejuvenating break. 

Apart from serving superior quality of food and exclusionary teas, they have recently started their catering, under the name of “Vcater”. They will also wholeheartedly rent out the space available in their Café, to cater about 100-120 people. So what are you waiting for? Call them now and book the space for your next birthday party, get together or even a conference. 

Address: A 2, Aashna, Behind Shell Petrol Pump, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91 909912565

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