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Bring you House of Rock - a one stop shop solution for everything related to music. 

They have anything and everything possible as far as music goes. Specilized in training and coaching, equipment rentals, Music club, Weekend workshops, Unplugged sessions, and much more.

They specialize in teaching music - Guitars, Keyboards, Drums and vocals in a western way that is in tandem with the International music scene. Students that learn from here can go along and pursue Music in whatever direction they want.

Their teaching methods include conducting workshops in different departments. They have regular workshops on music theory, ear training, voice training, rhythm workshops, ensemble labs, Music History Analysis, Sound Design, Workshops from various visiting faculties that include people like Floyd Fernandes, Terence Bundela, Tarang Poddar, Himanshu Desai, Shailesh Rathod, etc. So people from all over the country are involved in the growth and the development of the students and people involved with House of Rock. 

Unpluggged sessions:
It also has Unplugged sessions. On the House Sessions is a House of Rock initiative to document bands/artists in Ahmedabad in a candid no-frills unplugged session every Tuesday and Saturday. Captured by a field recorder and DSLR under the supervision of a qualified sound engineer, these sessions aim to showcase local talent while also documenting the music scene in Ahmedabad. These sessions aren't restricted to any genre or language (Hindi and English are equally appreciated). What we hope is an end-product which reflects the depth of potential in Ahmedabad’s unorganized music scene and a rise in opportunities and exposure for artists/bands. 

Jam Room
House of Rock (Bopal) has a fully equipped Jam Room that is available for rent/practice for bands and individuals. 

Music Club
As a student/musician/band – they know that many of you lack a peaceful place to practice. Not just a place but a place where there is no one to disturb you, where there is no shortage of equipment, where you can meet other musicians, where your family members aren't asking you to turn down the volume… The Music Club is a monthly membership plan started by House of Rock wherein you can avail of their equipment, air-conditioned facilities and jam studio for a nominal monthly fee. 

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House of Rock - 
53, Baleshwar Bungalows, Near India Colony Bus stand, Bopal, Ahmedabad, India 380058
99981 03843

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