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Most of us have seen departmental store for groceries, fashion apparels, electronic products but have you come across a departmental store for stationery?


Yes, here is the answer to your question. “House of Stationery”. Makers of COSMIC a well known school book cover brand has created a place dedicated to stationery located in posh area of Prahaladnagar in Ahmadabad.


With the punch line Stationery for Education, Administration & Creation House of stationery tells its story within it. This place literally sells the experience of buying stationery which no other conventional stationery store does and that is the main reason this store should be visited.  


In the  area of 3000 sq. Feet, you will find more than 10,000 different stationery products out of  which some you use in your routine life but you don’t  notice at traditional stationery shops. House of stationery doesn’t sell different products but it sells product differently.


There is a Full display of all the products with dedicated section. You walk in to store choose a product from dedicated sections get it billed and you are done. There are Sections for school, office, art, fancy, craft, corporate and personalised gifting, educational games, books, bags etc.  Everything and anything you can think of stationery the store has it with variety.


Their craft section which they have named cute craft has very different products to offer. This section is defiantly a cherry on the cake. Personalised shoe kits, art kits, book shelf, piggy bank etc for kids.


Well, here comes the best section and we loved it! They have games section for kids but hold on! Only Psychological Games! The brains grow highest when you are a kid and Psychological Games would of course help your brain get more intelligent! Scrap books, Craft materials for greeting cards and what not it has to offer!


They also have a small section for home decor products. Lights hangings, Photo frames, bathroom set and lot more!


In nutshell one of a kind store Ahmadabad has it for stationery.


Visit this huge store and experience yourself!

Address: 104,Vraj Complex

Opp, Dhananjay Tower,

100ft Anand nagar road,


Ahmedabad - 380015

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