Hugs N Cuddles Kindergarten Satellite | Admissions Open

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Hugs ‘N’ Cuddles Kindergarten - Satellite hosted Circus Carnival which created a sense of fun and festivity, perfect for children. 


As they walked into the magical circus, experiencing various activities, games specially added festivity vibe to the event. 


Children along with their parents absolutely had fun an abode for cute kiddos, where lessons are brought to life via fun! 


Hugs ‘N’ Cuddles Kindergarten  - Satellite is NOW OPEN for Admissions for 2021-22! 


Call- 9537775207 to know more! 

Address- Hugs n Cuddles Kindergarten, Opp HDFC Bank, Prernatirth Derasar Road, Satellite


With an endeavour to simplify early years’ education- Hugs N Cuddles Kindergarten - Satellite is here unique preschool programmes that helps our kiddos blossom in a way they deserve to!


Amidst a nourishing & compassionate environment, Hugs N Cuddles Kindergarten - Satellite is wholeheartedly welcoming kiddos in TTR / Nursery / Jr Kg / & Sr kg programmes!


Adding to the awesomeness, they have a Tripiczo activity Centre- where a set of activities have been curated to build Motor, Language, Soci-emotional and cognitive skills in children.


Here is glimpse to their on campus monthly programmes-

- Baby Connect - (2-3 years)

- Learn & Play (3 to 5 years)

- Creative Learning (5 to 7 years)


In a nutshell, this place is like a sigh of relief for working parents.

For more details, Call: +919537775207

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