Hungry Bird-A unique Kids Carnival & Food Festival is here!

While the kids are going to get a glimpse of the games that are forgotten like- Spinning the tops, Playing Marbles, etc., the ‘younger at heart’ are going to be teleported to their past!


Address- The Green Pearl, Sindhu Bhavan Road | 5th, 6th, 7th January, 2018 | Call - 78747 62882


For a long time, there was a void remaining to be filled, when it came to an event where the families can come together and celebrate their heart-out! Hungry Birds is here to change that! While it is aimed at providing the younger ones an experience like never before, there is a lot here for the ‘young at heart’ too!


To give you an idea, there are life-size games, workshops like Stone art, Dreamcatcher making, Pop-up cards making etc., rides, Discotheque for kids, competitions, Live characters, Magicians, Jokers, Live tattoos, Nail art and a lot more! And, over 50+ brands are here with their lip-smacking delicacies to cater!


Grab the details and get your plans ready!


Address- The Green Pearl, Sindhu Bhavan Road

Date- 5th, 6th, 7th January, 2018

Time- 4PM to 11PM

Call - 78747 62882

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