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It’s time to learn & buy paper art!

It’s getting into digital world now and a few years’ later papers would hardly be seen. But, there are some artists who won’t let that happen. You must be knowing some phenomenal artists in painting, photography, Dancing and many other segments but paper art? Rarely heard or seen or appreciated for that matter!

So yes, today we bring to you a lady who is phenomenal artist. She is the one who creates a lot of designs out of paper. Uma Agarwal, yes since 15 years she is into designing beautiful art pieces with papers. Hunner the art, that’s what she has named her studio cum classes.

We were astonished to see and hear about the kind of art she does. With papers, she creates beautiful frames to hang on wall, clocks, trays and what not? Yes, every corner of her house was decorated by her own art work.

We must say that such paper art is not easy to do. Very thin papers cut into pieces and then assembling to give that perfect artistic look! Her work is very intricate and colourful. Not only paper craft, she also does amazing painting called Duco Patch on jewellery boxes and wooden show pieces.  So if you have a box which is simple and dull, you can take it to Hunner  and get a beautiful art piece done! Such as these, she creates flower stand which is called Suspeso art and many other arts like Tanjore, Orrigata, Iris folding, Teabag Folding and so on. Besides these there is Dough art called Lamsa and Paper Mache.

Well, we had never even heard about such art. So people who are willing to learn it. Hunner is the place for you too. Not only she sells the art, she also teaches it to the kids (above 10 yrs) and anyone who is willing to learn it. So we must say, bring out some time your love for art and go, learn it.

We are not done yet! She also does trousseau packing for wedding and other functions. So if you are looking for someone who does amazing trousseau packing the here are the details.

For classes and artwork inquiry: 9924202220, 9904039961

Address: B 801, Regency Tower, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

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