I Dont Luv u Movie Review

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An average to good movie with good messages conveyed.


To start with, Yuvaan and his friends are full of life and do fun all the time in college. As it’s totally a new generation story this newly invented dialogue “sex at first site” is used so many times by Yuvaan. Aayra comes from UK and Yuvaan tries his dialogue on her which doesn’t work.

Eventually they start liking each other but they want to do “Timepass” and the song “I don’t luv u” is played. Later, he gets into physical situation with her that’s recorded in his mobile. This creates a huge mess in their life because of media and Ayaan jumps off the building.

We wish that police would really do what is shown in this film. Media’s true color is shown that how they add “masala” in the news and make us fool. All together “I don’t luv u” tries to show and balance too many moral issues of real life and to some extent they are able to deliver that message.

It’s at least a onetime watch movie and we give three stars for it.

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