Indulge in the best of Burgers at L'ATELIER

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L'ATELIER tick marks all the boxes when it comes to our personal "favourite", and why not? We seem to be visiting this place for the nth time now,and it has something new for us every single time, which never seems to disappoint.

Life's short to look back at time and wonder "I could have eaten that", and this time out we stopped wondering as to how their burgers were, and indulged in them delicious goodness, starting with the BLUE IN GREEN BURGER. Loaded with a Veg Green Patty, Tomatoes, Cucumber, and Cheese, it indeed made for the perfect Burger!

L'ATELIER also served up a lovely VEGETABLE BURGER, that offers a humongous crispy Cottage Cheese Corn Patty, stuffed between the buns. It's taste? You would salivate and crave, each & every bite; Not stopping till the very end.

For the 'masahari' folk, your indulgence will surely be satiated for, the restaurant serves a delightful NEW YORK STYLE BBQ CHICKEN BURGER for which, we would probably run out of adjectives if we start penning them down. Follow a simple mantra when you order - Simply hog!
There is also their take on a SMOKED JERK CHICKEN BURGER, that indeed makes for one kick-ass burger.

More so, L'ATELIER also serves up quite a sumptuous Asian fare for, their MANCHURIAN was completely irresistible; While the THAI RED CHICKEN CURRY, served with STEAMED RICE was promising enough to say the least and we would surely recommend you to partake in the lip smacking dish.

At the end, like always L'ATELIER did not disappoint, and we bet you would feel the same way. So, when are you making your way down?

Address: L'ATELIER, First Floor, Block A-Krishna Complex, next to Hyderabadi Biryani, opp. Devashish Business Park, off. S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 079-40081166

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