Indulge in the Monsoon Corn Festival at DENIRO'S

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While the rains might not favour us for the time being, that is not a reason for us to not in indulge in the goodies that come with it. Talking about the said goodies; the first thing that pops up in our mind is corn; and I am pretty sure you would agree with that as well.
Any shape, any size, any form - corn is indeed love; and presenting the same love in an ambient atmosphere, DENIRO'S invites you to be a part of the MONSOON CORN FESTIVAL, behind IOC Petrol Pump, opp GNFC Info Tower, S.G. Highway.

Merging corn, with cheese can never go wrong; and gambling safely, we started our course with their CORN & JALAPENO BASIL CHEESE POPPERS, that would melt in your mouth. Served with a garlic, paprika mayo dip; should get your taste buds firing.
Eating corn of the cob, does take one back to your childhood. Top it off with a tandoori marination, and you simply can't ask for more, when you ask for TANDOORI MAKAI BHUTTA!

What also asks for your worthy indulgence in their take on a thin crust Pizza, loaded with a base of a fresh sauce, while topped with spinach, corn, baby corn, and chillies. I am pretty, finished it all off will not be an issue for you. Unless your attention is diverted by a portion of FUSSILI CORN & BABY CORN in an Olive Pimento Sauce.
Aaaaaand at the end of it all; if nothing satiates your pangs then we are pretty sure a bowlful of BUTTER CHICKEN with HARYALI NAANS will.

When it comes to it's service, DENIRO'S is truly spot on. While you wait for your order, take the time to soak in the ambiance for, it offers something 'hatke' with it's tilt towards vintage artisanship reflecting on it's walls.
Delicious food, in a comfortable environment; DENIRO's indeed makes for a hub, that is bound to make you feel at ease with your friends and family. Cheers.

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