Indulge in the twist of flavours in Gelato @ Dayzerts

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Don’t we wish we could do something to turn down the heat? We can’t really do anything much about the heat, but what if we gave you an option to indulge into something unique and soothing to your body. 

Dayzerts is here yet again to surprise us with their exemplary variety in desserts! Surprise your taste buds with simple classic ice creams with a twist in taste which will leave you cringing for more. 

This time they are here to give you ice creams made with the base of Sorbet and not milk! Sorbet is a unique dessert made from sweetened water! Sounds interesting right? Time to give a natural twist to the classic ice cream flavours! The ORANGE TENDER ice cream has no doubt has always been a constant saviour since our childhood! Dayzerts is here to change that concept for you.

Keeping the irresistible orange flavour in the base of Sorbet, surprise yourself with a twist of spicy sour orange! Well, don’t cringe, rush to try the flavour! 

No one’s childhood was complete without immersing ourselves into the flavour of KACHI KERI. A must try flavour again in the base of Sorbet, relish the taste of childhood all over again!

Like we said in the previous article that the waffles are simply worth being not guilty for! This time indulge into FRUITY WAFFLES and SWEET PANCAKE topped with strawberry and grapes to seal the deal of utmost perfection. SWEET PACNCAKE another must try classic topped with sliced bananas and the irresistible taste of Vanilla ice-cream in sorbet base!

If you’re the ultimate sweet tooth and chocolate fan, COOKIES AND CREAM is the perfect drink for all you Oreo fans! From the category of Monster Drinks, to surprise you with sinfulness, CHOCOLATE DRAMA is something you just can’t miss. Topped perfectly with crunchy dry fruits and colourful confetti, this gelato shake is a must try!

So what are you in wait for! Indulge yourself in flavours which are sure to get you back sweet memories of childhood with a modern twist! End your day with the perfect amount of sweetness only at Dayzerts!   

Address: 5-6, GF, Below PAKWAN dining Hall, S.G Highway, Ahmedabad.
Phone: 09574418563
Hours: 11AM–11PM

Tags: Indulge in the twist of flavours in Gelato @ Dayzerts

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