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ALOHA GUJARAT is a holistic mental development process based on mental arithmetic system and has yielded truly amazing results.
This fast paced world demands a constantly evolving methodology of imbibing knowledge into our kids!
That is exactly what ALOHA is all about. And the admissions are NOW OPEN! For details, Call: 7574861268
A holistic mental development process for kids- ALOHA is here with a new learning platform for Kids. A course structure that develops your Child’s brain skills like- concentration, memory, accuracy, speed and also mental maths, handwriting skills, English language.
For kids aged between 4 to 14, this is a wonderful, innovative, comprehensive, easily accessible and yet affordable concept.
They have four different courses going on currently-
- Mental Arithmetic
- English Smart
- Write Smart
- Speed Maths
Check out the courses in detail, here-
Ane, jabardasti nahi, chhokrao ne game to j karavanu. You can send them for a FREE DEMO SESSION.
For details, call- 7574861268

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