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It’s a masterpiece but it’s boring, beautiful storyline but gets confusing, larger than life but has routine family drama, sci-fi but you have to wait for first half to get over, takes time for movie to pick-up but grabs you to your seat throughout. If you think our review is confusing, let us tell you that it’s ONLY for classes. Few or probably very few can appreciate it and it is nothing less than a masterpiece.
How are Nolan’s movies? ‘Emotionally Chilly’ – yes that’s how we exactly describe him as a director. His movies connect you to that strange truth of life which probably is stranger than fiction. Remember ‘you are as good as your circumstances’ of Dark Knight or that ‘leap of faith jump’ in its sequel – well its ‘survival instincts’ in Interstellar. So if you have loved the complexity of Inception or are a fan of sexy bike show, or terrific chase or action sequences, Nolan may disappoint you this time. 
‘Remember Hrithik Roshan just after snorkeling in Zindagi na milegi dobara’ – well that was the exact feeling we had after the movie. Either you will be numb or would curse for wasting your three hours and couple of hundred bucks – it would surely garner extreme opinions about the movie.
Sadly this movie doesn’t have those brilliant punch lines or one liners that was very evident and one of the biggest USPs of Batman Trilogy. However, there are sequences so touching that you will almost be in tears. Especially when Cooper leaves Murph (her daughter) and very surely when Murph comes on video message for the first time after probably 23 years. By the way, Murph is named after Murphy’s law (isn’t it cute and so thoughtful). If you have ever experienced reunion after probably a decade or more or are intending to do so in future, you definitely should not miss this scene.

In today’s times where everyone is hoping on comic books for their storyline and sequences, hats off to indigenous man of vision which probably has come out with his most ambitious movie till date. The emotionally chilly movie maker has given Spielberg kinda treatment; docking procedure, seeing Endurance for the first time, first hand shake with the other world, reaching out to a place where human’s have never embarked - is so gripping that it makes you wonder how do you actually visualize it. 

Though the movie is about same old ‘saving the world’ clichéd theme but trust me it is not even a centimeter near to what you have been seeing after Independence Day. 

We do not intend to write much about the storyline – rather nothing about it. Like Nolan, we would want you to keep thinking and guessing on how it’s going to be. 

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