Ishkq In Paris Movie Review

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A different style of presenting love story is a new trend these days and same is seen in “Ishkq in Paris.” Preity Zinta and Rheman Maliek starred movie which was not hyped or promoted like other movies but yet not that bad.


Romantic Comedy story starts with Akash (Rheman Maliek) who misses his flight and has one day to spend in Paris – the most romantic place in the world. He meets Ishkq (Preity Zinta) who is half Indian and spends whole night full of fun with no commitment. They buy a dice from Chunky Pandey with unique names like party, dinner, movie, coffee and sex. And they do all the fun but not the last one ;) Oh yes, we’ve learnt a new dialogue “Shut the front door.”

Finally, Akash leaves and promises not to come back to Paris and meet Ishkq but destiny brings him back to Paris for his friend’s French wedding. Now, he finds Ishkq’s address, meets her and takes to this wedding because they both are anti – marriage people and hate weddings. Salman’s special appearance at wedding is also OK!!

Finally, they both start liking each but Ishkq doesn’t want to be committed. Ishkq was actually living with only her mother and was under impression that her father left her at young age which was always in her mind to stay away from a serious relationship.

Some confusing scenes like Akash suddenly tells her “I love u” and then tells that “you are biggest mistake of my life” for a small reason. Ishkq’s mother plays a good role for this love couple and looks more beautiful than Ishkq. Lastly, if you don’t like this story but you would still love Paris and its beauty.

So yes, you can surely give this new actor and an old actress a try to prove themselves on the big screen.

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