Italian boiled eggs

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Heard of NID & RK’s egg? Move on guys … this eggwala is sure to drive to you crazy and there are 3 reasons why would you go nut over it : Innovation, Price & Attitude.


Most of his preparations are innovative – this young chap sure knows how to tickle your taste buds & make you crave for more. Don’t be surprised if you get surprised with the newness in taste. Expensive but worth it – Italian boiled egg or Thomas Egg as he terms it, would cost you 170/- & Mayonnaise Egg Kheema 180/- ! And yes, its not a restaurant - its a larri.

Ask him why its so expensive; the guy proudly and confidently says, ‘mein already famous hu sir, log dur dur se aate hai khane ke liye. Try it and you won’t regret it’. He boasts that he has earlier worked with Adnan Sami and other filmstars. We are not sure about the film-star part but we sure do know his work rocks!

Taste it yourself @ outside Alpha One mall, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad and share with us your feedback

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