Jai Ho Movie Review

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Jai Ho: Movie Review

Okie, firstly let’s clarify. There are 3 kinds of movies – flop, average and hit. Now there’s this fourth kind. Movie’s which have Salman Khan.

We won’t write much about the movie and the plot instead we would like to narrate a sequence from the movie, which sums up the entire ‘Salman Jai Ho Khan’ experience.

While waiting on a traffic signal in his car along with his two other friends, Salman notices a small girl child begging. She persistently begs till the owner of the other car gets irritated and opens his door, throwing the girl right on the pavement.

Watching this, Salman gets angry and gets out of his car then pulling out this rowdy looking man and beating him black and blue. Getting a beating, this guy gets petrified and in hurries back into his car. Salman then approaches the little girl and notices that she has blood oozing out of her forehead .This gets him all the more angry and without wasting a second, lands a punch on the guy which incidentally is blocked by the cars window. Salman’s friend who watched this thing happen, asks “Abe, gadi ke kaach pe mar diya”, to which Salman says “kya karu, pata nahi tha usne kaach upar kiya tha”

That’s Jai Ho to you.

Enough has been said about JAI HO and that it’s inspired from ‘Stalin’. But then while one talk’s about the inspiration they forget that JAI HO has Salman Khan. As they say ‘The Name’s enough’

The frenzy that is created in the theater every time Salman is on the screen is worth experiencing. Whistles, cheers, claps and seeing the audience go bonkers is the high note of Salman’s movie. This movie is worth the wait, just because, its Salman Khan.

So go ahead and experience the Salman magic. It’s crazy, trust us.

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